Villa Il Borghino

From the Owner:

'Nestled in the splendid hills of Tuscany, cradled between olive groves and vineyards, and only 5 kilometers from Lucca, lies the magnificent villa complex 'Il Borghino' with magnificent views: by day the rolling hills of Pieve Santo Stefano; by night the beautiful walled city of Lucca. 

We tried to maintain in this group of old houses the original character of the village. It features a communal area – a place where people can spend time together. Inside, it is welcoming and homely as well as being both comfortable and modern.

Completely restored combining traditional materials with new technology and furnished in local Tuscan style, the accommodation offers elegant and traditional living. The rooms are large, simple and well-furnished with  views from every window. Take advantage of the wonderful pool and  relax in the area around it. The communal area 'L'Olivo' has a studio, as well as a large dining room with fireplace, and kitchen. There are tables and chairs for eating outside under the umbrellas. 'Il Borghino' offers all of this plus it is in a sunny position with a dry and mild climate  making it enjoyable all year round.

Villa Il Borghino consists of four separate houses, meticulously restored with energy efficiency and a concern for the environment in mind. Buildings are constructed of natural materials using wood, marble and terra cotta.  They are painted with lime. For heating there is a fireplace in each house, and central heating in each room.

The  outdoor swimming pool does not use chlorine, opting for the more natural saltwater.  Drinking water comes directly from a spring.  The toilets operate on two level capacities to save water, and the majority of lighting is with energy savings in mind.  

The garden is irrigated with rain water from an artificial lake connected to the garden. When there isn’t enough water, depurated drain water is used. Natural fertilizer is produced from organic waste and flying insects are trapped with wine and sugar.

The surrounding agricultural area (Podere Tomasino) produces about 140ql of 'Controlled Designation of Origin'(DOC) wine (one red; two whites) from organic vineyards and 20ql of 'Lucca Protected Designation of Origin' (DOP) olive oil from organic olive groves.'