Melanie has been teaching hatha yoga since 2000. Her main influence has been the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. She continues to study with  John Stirk, and Linda Hartley  (Authentic Movement) . Melanie trained with the British Wheel of Yoga.


Yoga  classes, workshops and residentials will explore ways of working using the ground, the breath, the space and the spine, to enhance and deepen the experience of yoga. Melanie's teaching has evolved during her search for a more exploratory and creative way of moving and being.  Unwinding more fully and freely, as we discover together a natural and easeful way of working with our bodies. Melanie also offers 1 to 1.

Melanie Willsher graduated with a B.A. from University of Cape Town, completed a two-year postgraduate diploma in Music Therapy at UCT College of Music, and studied for her PGCE at University of East Anglia.


Melanie leads yoga from a spaciousness within, inviting a mindful, childlike exploration of movements and postures. She keeps form and flow alive, emphasising exploration and embodiment, rather than trajectory or goal. She invites permission to 'drop-in' to the present experience and to allow what arises to take form and expression. I have often experienced insights in her classes and workshops, which have come about by the safety of the container she creates, and her acceptance and willingness to engage with the present experience of other. Louisa Turner - Rosen Method Practitioner and Physiotherapist.